With the rise of different forms of cashless payments, merchants must be able to accept them or risk losing significant sales revenue. MoovPay helps you to accept a variety of payments from various card channels, QR codes and e-wallets.

Our app allows you to accept payments without a physical POS machine. MoovPay is the future of mobile payments. Under the dynamic QR code function, the app creates a different QR code for each transaction for enhanced security, giving both merchants and consumers a peace of mind. Best of all, our app is free to use, safe and easily accessible via any phones or tablets. This, combined with our low transaction fee, results in significant savings for you.

MoovPay understands your cashflow needs. As such, MoovPay helps you to settle your funds in as soon as one business day.

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Benefits & Features

  • Increasing the variety of payment methods you can accept.
  • MoovPay’s app replaces physical POS machines with no set-up and annual fees.
  • Accepting payments simply by scanning QR codes.
  • Quick fund settlement as soon as one business day.
What is QRC Payment?

QRC Payment stands for Quick Response Code Payment. Method of payment is contactless and performed by scanning a QR Code. In a merchant-presented QR Code system, customer uses their mobile App to scan the QR Code presented by the merchant to initiate the payment.

How is MoovPay QRC Payment different from the rest of the QR code payments in Singapore?

MoovPay is a Certified Principal Member and a MAS SGQR member. Merchants using MoovPay QRC will be able to receive payments from all customers regardless of the app they are using.

How do I apply to receive payments using the MoovPay QRC payment solution?

To use MoovPay QRC in Singapore, the merchant needs to sign up for a merchant account with MoovPay. You may apply by clicking on this link and completing the online application. Otherwise, you may also contact any our sales representatives at +65 6771 9666/9668 who will assist you further in the merchant account application.

How long does it take to process the merchant application?

Normal process will take up to 3 working days. After submission of documents, our representative will contact your company to request for some KYC information. Once this information has been furnished, the merchant account shall be setup within 1-2 working day.

What is the transaction and subscription fees for this service?

MoovPay only charges a competitive service fee when you make a transaction via MoovPay. There are no other charges for signing up or maintaining your MoovPay Account.

What is the transaction limit?

MoovPay does not impose any transaction limit. However, MoovPay is able to set transaction limit according to merchant’s request, and up to issuing bank’s configuration.

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