MoneyExpress is an UnionPay International proprietary cross-border remittance service that has been launched in 45 countries and regions including the US, Japan, Singapore, Australia, UK, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan.

Different from the traditional cross-border telegraphic transfer, MoneyExpress settles the exchange rate in advance and deposit the remittance into the remittee’s UnionPay account in RMB. Therefore, the payee does not need to handle the payment of remittance or pay the bank service fee; the payee can use the money directly. In general, the remittance is deposited into the payee’s account in real time or within 12 hours.

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Benefits & Features

  • Settle exchange rates in advance and deposit money faster in RMB
  • No more payment for remittance or pay the bank service fee
  • Deposits reach your payee as fast as a couple of minutes onwards.
What is MoovPay MES?

MES or MoneyExpress is an UnionPay International propietary in-house cross-border remittance service.

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